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About Us

Our algae production unit in Nevele, Belgium is the world’s first algae production facility dedicated solely to aquaculture feed. Our unique cultivar, combined with state-of-the art facilities and decades of knowledge in horticulture and algae production ensures our freeze-dried algae products are not only practical to use, but are also of a higher nutritional quality and purity than live algae cultured in most aquaculture scenarios.

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Horticulture History, Algal future

Crops in their traditional, land-based form have been farmed for over 11,000 years with domestication, use of fertilisers and pest control well understood and controlled.

In contrast, controlled algae production is a new science lasting only 70 years. Given that algae forms the foundation of all aquatic food chains and that aquaculture is the future of protein supply for a booming population, efficient, high quality algal production is essential.

 Until now, all attempts to find or create alternatives for microalgae have proven to be unsuccessful. For decades specialists have been searching to develop reliable and cost efficient methods for centralized large-scale production, concentration, storage, preservation, transportation and resuspension of micro-algae.

 TomAlgae is the first company to match all of these requirements and more.

 Our innovative, integrated and multifaceted approach is centred around the development of a new microalgal cultivar which would first match all the necessary criteria for use in aquaculture;

  1. Is the appropriate cell size for ingestion
  2. Is readily digestable
  3. Has the appropriate nutritional quality

Secondly, our production process is scalable, pathogen-free and cost-effective. Our history in horticulture has enabled us to develop a production process that allows excellent yields throughout the year.

Thirdly, our cultivar is robust enough to enable the formation of a transportable and easy to use end product that is available worldwide. The unique strength of our cultivar’s cell wall allows the microalgae to be freeze-dried, shipped and rehydrated without losing any integrity or nutritional value.

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